Elixir DevOps series

By Almir Sarajčić , Software Developer

1 min read

Everyone who’s dipped their toes in Elixir knows its ecosystem has the best-in-class documentation, and learning resources for beginners are vast. There are so many blog posts about various domains Elixir is used in, including, but not limited to machine learning, embedded systems, web applications, etc.
One area we felt didn’t receive much love is DevOps. Specifically, complex continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) systems. So here we are, coming up with a remedy. We’re trying to shine some light on some non-trivial problems to share knowledge with the community we learned a lot from, while, simultaneously increasing the visibility of our company in the field.
So here they are, in the order they were published - not necessarily in the order they should be read.
  1. Maintaining GitHub Actions workflows
  2. Optimum Elixir CI with GitHub Actions
  3. Testing Elixir releases in CI
  4. Feature preview (PR review) apps on Fly.io
  5. Zero downtime deployments with Fly.io
The list is not final and we might add more posts in the future.
Is there some topic that you’d like us to cover in this series? Feel free to reach us at blog@optimum.ba.

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