Full-stack Intern Developer

    Remote (anywhere), async, full-time

    6+ months

    We’re looking for multiple interns.


    As an intern, your job will be to learn the technology stack and to adapt to our building processes. For the first two months, you will be doing some challenges while studying from books, tutorials, and video lectures to accomplish them. After that, you’ll get paid to use your newly acquired knowledge to build innovative features in our apps so we can determine if we’re the right fit.


    Optimum is a calm company. We don’t work in sprints. We have deadlines, but we allocate enough time to do a fair amount of work without feeling worn out after each release. Our teams take full responsibility for building the products while learning from their mistakes and taking ownership of successes and failures. Perks of working for our company include being in a low-stress, constant-learning environment with a lot of flexibility and the ability to organize your workday to your needs. Our tech stack consists of Elixir, Phoenix, Phoenix LiveView, TailwindCSS, and Alpine.js.


    If you think you’re capable of learning at a fast pace and adapting to this kind of setting, apply for this position and convince us why we should pick you.


    We'll contact suitable candidates on a first-come, first-served basis. Then we'll have a short, casual interview with them before making the decision.

    No previous experience necessary.

    To apply please switch to your desktop